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Bloodborne Game Night Kit (Порождение крови Ночной набор) (на английском языке)

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Описание настольной игры Bloodborne Game Night Kit (Порождение крови Ночной набор) (на английском языке)

Game Night Kits provide a full evening’s gaming in one box.
They’re filled with exclusive prizes and materials, with enough support for two times the standard players for a game, with some extras for the store and the person that runs the event. You will also earn points for running a Game Night event! The Bloodborne: The Card Game – Game Night Kit comes with exclusive first-player tokens for the game, molded to look like a Hunter about to tackle the Chalice Dungeon. This kit features special plastic Trophy counters, suitable to replace the cardboard ones that come with the base game. There are also two custom game play mats. Finally, there are 12 Moon Presence Final Boss cards.
This new terror is sure to give your players nightmares.


  • 2 Custom Game Mats;
  • 12 Tarot-Sized Boss Cards;
  • 36 Trophy Tokens (12 sets, 3 per set);
  • 6 First Player Figures;
  • Welcome Letter;
  • Promotion Poster;
  • Sticker.
Количество игроков
3 —
Время игры ( мин )
30 —
1250 г
Hobby World
Ограничение по возрасту
От 14 лет
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